Fair Weather Watch Settings

NOTICE: The latest version of Fair Weather and my other weather apps have settings customizable at http://SetPebble.com, a recently-launched website. The latest versions of the weather apps can be found and downloaded there, as well as at MyPebbleFaces.com.

The Fair Weather Watch can be customized for your Pebble watch. Enter your 12-character Pebble serial number and then choose your settings. These settings will be sent to your Pebble next time you use the Fair Weather watch.

Unfortunately 5% of the requests for weather come from Pebble watches but the serial number is not sent. These requests are always from Android devices, and interesting enough often there are TWO requests, one with the Pebble ID and one without. SetPebble.com has weather apps that solve this problem.

The latest stable version customizable here (instead of SetPebble.com) is 1.4 and is downloadable here: fairweather.pbw.

Your Pebble Serial Number:

The weather data is courtesy of OpenWeatherMap.org. The httPebble iOS app strips off the 12th character, and the Android version only sends the final six characters of the serial number. Hopefully your serial number is unique in our database.

The Fair Weather Watch was developed by Matthew Clark of GORGES.